Par Le Monde is a French organization made for all teachers and all primary school children, particularly those in areas of geographical and social isolation.

It allows them to set up a citizen agenda over a school year . Cultural awareness, self-exploration, discovery of others, exchanges, questioning and commitment, are at the center of the project.How? By getting involved in an exceptional digital journey,which will allow them to exchange with french children about their daily habits and culture.

Here is a short presentation video of the project, for the school year 2015-2016:

Thanks to this interdisciplinary and playful project, children are also in charge of of their own learning and are teaching French and foreign children of the community: the basics of the school programme and the values of an aware citizenship. A human and digital approach

  • The web platform for exchange, regularly fed by the children, is a motivating and committing factor even for the less motivated one.
  • Digital use in school helps social and geographical inclusion. It allows cultural awareness for everyone.
  • Digital technology allows to establish a connection between teachers and also allows them to share about their experience in an unique way: Teachers inspire each other thanks to the story written by the children’s community.

An active and flexible pedagogical approach:

  • Children communicate with other children.
  • Children are newly motivated with sharing their recently acquired knowledge. This project gives meaning to their learning: teach others, speak another language, learn about world and french geography, History of France, civic education, reading, writing…
  • Every class, children, teacher is different! This project is adaptable to all the teachers’ needs and imperatives throughout the year. Teachers decide to operate the project according to their own school programme, by orientating children toward one subject or another.
Teachers, you can from now on, pre-register your class directly online, for the school year 2017-18 !