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We are looking for new partners for Pelico’s Journey 2019-2020

Become the new partner of the NGO Par le Monde by welcoming our two experts in mediation and the mascot Pelico.
Here is a detailed partnership offer:

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Travellers, expatriate, vacationer, if you meet on your journey an association or a school wich could welcome Pelico, show them the video and give us their contact on The Facebook group Ambassador Par Le Monde.

Pelico’s Journey Par Le Monde is a digital program of exchange designed for and by children between 7 and 11, around issues of their day lives and cultures.
Take part of Pelico’s Journey Par Le Monde give the children the opportunity to establish a dialogue on the web with French pupils of their age, beyond geographical distances and prejudices.

Who ?

Children from 7 to 11 year old (French CE2, CM1, CM2)

When ?

During the scholar year 2019-2019, our French experts in mediation take action in your country. At your discretion, during one of those 4 periods from 6 to 8 weeks :

  • [ August 26th – October 20th 2019]
  • [ October 28th – December 16th 2019]
  • [ January 2nd – February 20th 2020]
  • [ May 3th- June 20th 2019]

How ?

  • Throuhg a 2 hour weekly session, animated by our experts
  • On a platform appropriate to children
  • In collaboration with a network of 150 French classes.

Feel free to contact-us: