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We are looking for new partners for Pelico’s Journey 2018-2019

Become the new partner of the NGO Par le Monde by welcoming our two expert in mediation and the mascot Pelico.

You will find everything you need about our exchange program in this document. Click here to download it.

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Travellers, expatriate, vacationer, if you meet on your journey an association or a school wich could welcome Pelico, show them the video and give us their contact on The Facebook group Ambassador Par Le Monde.

Pelico’s Journey Par Le Monde is a digital program of exchange designed for and by children between 7 and 11, around issues of their day lives and cultures.
Take part of Pelico’s Journey Par Le Monde give the children the opportunity to establish a dialogue on the web with French pupils of their age, beyond geographical distances and prejudices.

Who ?

Children from 7 to 11 year old (French CE2, CM1, CM2)

When ?

During the scholar year 2018-2019, our French experts in mediation take action in your country. At your discretion, during one of those 4 periods from 6 to 8 weeks :

  • [ September 4th – October 20th 2018]
  • [ November 7th – December 22nd 2018]
  • [ January 9th – February 16th 2019]
  • [ May 8th- June 15th 2019]

How ?

  • Throuhg a 2 hour weekly session, animated by our experts
  • On a platform appropriate to children
  • In collaboration with a network of 150 French classes.

Feel free to contact-us: