You are a school teacher

You are a teacher and you would like to register your class to Pelico’s Journey?

Pelico’s Journey is an educative and digital program which aims at pupils and their teacher or educator.(You !).
After three editions in 2014-2015, 2015-16 and 2017-18 and with more than 300 classes registered, the NGO invites you to join us for the 4th edition 2018-2018 !

Teachers, visit and register or pre-register your class

You want to join our team

Like us, you want to work toward a multicultural, openminded, and tolerant society, taking part to a curious and tolerant education of the citizens of tomorrow ?

Join our team as part of a traineeship or a job !
Our premises are located in Grands Voisins, an associative and communitarian site which offers ideal setting. Our small team, young and motivated is looking forward to welcome in an informal atmosphere in which everyone is fully committed into the project.

  • To consult the job offers, cliquez ici.
  • Spontaneous application, you can send a mail at this address :

You work for a company or a NGO

NGO or company in France, bring a technical or/and financial support on topics covered in our ambassador’s reportage.
Exemple : The NGO Eau’rizon intervened up stream with Par Le Monde and a teacher of the network to elaborate with a class a Pelico reportage about water issues.

Association or institution in France, offer intervention in partner classes Par Le Monde according to the project.
Exemple : National gendarmery and AXA prévention spread a « web licence » to prevent pupils from internet danger.

Join our operational partners in France!

Active NGO or institution abroad, back up and help Par Le Monde ‘s actions in one of the targeted country.
For instance : The Institut français du Liban in Beyrouth contributed to the establishment of a project in classes with pupils from different faiths and social backgrounds.
To learn more and join our network of international partnership, meet us on this page.

You are an education professional

You are a passionate of innovative pedagogies and you want to share your ideas ?

You want to collaborate with us but you do not really know how? ?

We are always looking for new ideas and point of views from several education professionals, more particularly :

  • The integration of innovative educational device;
  • The improvement of the technical assessment of those devices ;
  • The diffusion of the project to pupils who need it, through new partnerships operational or financial that could help to establish the project for other children ;
  • The enrichment of a computer platform always more ludic and suitable to its public : children from 7 to 11.

We also need someone with spare time to make concrete one of those ideas !

Do not hesitate, contact-us !

You are a maecenas

You support éducative, cultural or digital projects and you would like to support Par Le Monde ‘s growth.

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See the partnerships that let the achievement of the first year : They already support us.

Local communities

You would like to contribute to the financing and thus improve the development of the project in schools of your territory.

Set up the project in schools of your territory will help pupils to learn more about their local heritage. Par Le Monde ‘s pupils assimilate their culture and become spokesperson of their local culture, always with respect and curiosity of other cultures.

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