You wish to participate in the development of the association and/or to take part in concrete actions?

Let’s join our forces an give a little bit of our time : Do not hesitate to join us, as volunteers or employees!

Here are some of the missions you can help us with!

Here are other suggestions in order to give ideas to everybody!

Video editing :To film and edit videos for the targeted countries for the year to come
Interpreter abroad:  To help the experts in mediation during their interventions abroad
Programmer:  To make this adventure, a playful and attractive digital experience
Parents abroad: To organize workshops with your children in the targeted countries
International law :To offer your expertise on children’s image rights in the targeted countries
Graphic designer: To create animations for children along side the video reports
Dissiminate the project on social media: For it to benefit as many people as possible
Media: To manage the exchanges with local: French and foreign press

We are waiting for your e-mails!