Opening up to the world to grow up together

Our mission

Par Le Monde is a French NGO of general interest, secular and apolitical, created in 2013. The NGO operates on the fields of popular education, citizenship education and international solidarity.

The french NGO’s mission is to bridge all the children through cultural links, to give them a larger vision of the world opening their curiosity and make them more tolerant, humble and responsible..

At the heart of our innovative pedagogical actions one can find living-together improvement in France and abroad. Our every day work is to gather children beyond geographical, social and cultural borders. We work on the establishment of a dialogue between children, a vivid source of humanist, scholar and digital knowledge. This training brings them to consider differences as richness and not as threat.
Several hundreds of French and abroad classes have benefited from our actions, mainly through our central pedagogical program entitled le Voyage de Pelico.
Leaning on digital exchange from children to children, this year program designed for and by pupils of French and foreign primary schools, bring them to open themselves to the others and question their everyday lives and cultures.
To learn more about Pelico’s Journey, click here !

Our goals

  • Open pupils up to the world and its cultural diversity.
  • Build an inclusive community which links pupils of different backgrounds.
  • Improve children’s critical mind and curiosity by systematising process of inquiry.
  • To put flesh on fondamental humanist values: respect, humility and responsibility.
  • Give meaning to fondamental taught of school program through a playful way empowering them into their own education.

Our method

  • A co-construction with the teachers and the pupils : thanks to regular feedbacks, we invent, implement and evaluate frequently our pedagogical actions in order to improve our impact on the pupils and teachers.
  • Digital tools serving human links: we employ digital power to improve knowledge transmission, know-how-to-be and living together.
  • Wonder to learn more easily : for example, we transform pupils fascination for their homologous across the world in a pedagogical experience which marks indelibly children and teachers.