Financial partners and skill-based sponsors

The fondation 29 Haussmann’s aim is to offer every young people the best OPPORTUNITIES to grow up and thrive.

It provides financial supports for project or organization in the three following areas:

  • Pedagogy: actions or projects in school or out of it, preventing school failure and/or giving the best career guidance opportunities.
  • Solidarity : in the best interests of children suffering from all sorts of exclusions (geographical, poverty, handicap, illness etc… )
  • Culture and sports: actions or projets whose purpose is to bring culture and sports to children in remote areas, or projects which use sports as a mean to tackle exclusion and school failure.
The Fondation Meeschaert for children, created by the company Meeschaert Gestion Privée under the auspices of the Fondation de France, supports actions in France for children aged 0 to 12 years old.

It funds projects supported by NGOs, and favors investment rather than operation. The project has to be sustainable and bring a real answer to the main recipients of the projects: the children.

The fondation can help financially but it can also offer voluntary interventions from Meeschaert group collaborators.

  • Skill-based sponsorship from collaborators
  • Solidarity Initiatives from collaborators
  • Help the associations fighting disease and disability
  • Sponsorship of major cultural events

Since 2010, The Fondation Groupe EDF has been committed to work with organizations supporting young people. With the Associations Trophy, The Fondation rewards flawless and original actions in France and all over the world.
Pro Bono Lab uses its volunteers team volunteers to give free advice to social organizations.
The main goal of the fondation norsys is to “facilitate the access to knowledge to everyone in order to have a better life”.
Our wish is to improve living conditions of men and women in the area where Norsys is based, such as the North of France, Paris area, Lyon, Nice and more recently Nantes.

The fondation Norsys operates on the following areas :

  • Education
  • Access to employment opportunity
  • The environnement
  • IT skill-based sponsorship,IT based on solidarity
STEP consulting support Par le Monde NGO through skill-based sponsorship.
STEP Consulting is a consulting firm « at the heart of change » in management and improvement of the performances.
Its interventions are an answer to the needs of client’s performances improvement.

  • Linked to complex issues and strong operational impacts.
  • Looking for activities transformation to provide long-term results.
“To make living together easier”, this is Massalina Fondation’s ambition, supporting actions in this area :

  • Accompaniment ; Reintegration : intergenerational links, welcoming people in need, people getting out of jail, women alone…
  • Education ; Instruction : schools, children’s activity centers, training centers, instructions’ equipment…
  • Health : maternity, paediatrics, end-of-life support…

Our distinction

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