Since its creation in December 2013, the NGO Par Le Monde has been multiplying the number of volunteers in France and abroad.

Hence, we are all working together to make this digital journey an unforgettable experience for children and adults! Thank you all!

The team

Marylène Hochart / cofounder

  • Former consultant in sustainable development strategy : help in decision making and project management
  • Conduct Life Cycle Analysis and use simplified method of environment assessment
  • Graduated from the school of agricultural engineering AgroParisTech

Curriculum Vitae

Laurent Arnoult / cofounder

  • Former educational coordinator of the innovative interdisciplinary bachelor FDV
  • PhD in science, Doctoral thesis in evolutionary genetics
  • Graduated from the Ecole Normal Supérieure Ulm in biology

Curriculum Vitae

Julia Duroy / community animator of voy’acteurs

  • Early childhood educator in a nursery for two years
  • Writer on a blog on parenthood :
  • Graduated as a childhood educator and has a professional certificate as a bookseller.
Claire Dequidt / Pedagogical officer

  • Class teacher since 2013
  • Member and commited to a youth and popular movement as an area coordinator (teaching, animation)
  • Graduated as an agrifood engineer

Armella Leung

  • Author of the philosophical comic book :
  • Illustrator and creator of graphic universes, graphic facilitator
  • Video coordinator in 2D/3D
  • Game creator on personal development, Lover of the Art of Living CNV (Non-violent Communication)
Antoine De Roux

  • Founder and member of the association Europart, to promote art in Europe
  • Founder of the company Double-Eléphant, a video production agency
  • Documentary filmmaker, since 1999. Freelance photographer since 1980

Loubliana Petroff

  • Freelance consultant in environmental strategy and urban planning
  • Former director of environmental studies and urban strategy at Egis concept – Elioth for 5 years
  • Graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon with a state diploma in « Architecture and Engineering » at Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture de Lyon
Ian-Johari Mohd Nasir

  • Documentary and fictional short video film maker for associations
  • Former employee at Airbus Group in France and in Malaysia for 4 years
  • Graduated from the Aeronautic Engineering school ISAE (ENSICA)

Tiphaine Massé

  • Financial and strategic intelligence manager – Electricians Without Border
  • Former strategy and sustainable development manager at PwC
  • Graduate from école nationale supérieure d’Arts et Métiers / ENSAM

  • Children’s ambassador in France and abroad
  • Valuable partner, Dreams bearer for young and old!
  • Graduated from Central America Toucan’s primary school

Many thanks to those who contributed during an internship or a civic service, namely :

Camille Kingué

Willy Arratano

Vanessa Ospina

The teachers

In 2014-2015 and in 2015-2016, 75 then 150 french teachers adopted the project Le voyage de Pelico in their classrooms.

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Us adults, travelling and Par Le Monde

The adults we have become, still love to be amazed and to explore the unknown. The different encounter we had on the roads helped us to have an hindsight of our daily lives, to enlighten part of our lives and to sharpen our mind during difficult situations.

Traveling resemble a time machine, by feeding our minds and changing our point of view, it gives us our children’s qualities back: innocence, humility and curiosity

Therefore, full of personal encounters and discoveries on the French roads and abroad, we wanted to make children a part of it and share with them what makes the world so rich and interesting.It will never stops to amaze us and build us since our first pair of shoes!

You can contribute too, Join us!