Pelico’s Journey is a cultural and digital exchange program, designed by and for pupils of primary schools, mainly in situation of social, geographical or academic isolation.
Its main goal is to provide the children with a better knowledge of themeselves and the world, including its complexity .

Throughout the academic year, this digital and citizen travel brings the pupils to together.

Pelico’s Journey aim at addressing all the teachers and pupils; Every year since 2014, more than 100 classes are involved into this world cultural dialogue on a child’s scale.

Cultural opening, self-discovery, meeting the others, exchanges, questioning and responsability, are at the heart of Pelico’s Journey. This extraordinary digital travel, give them the opportunity to exchange on with other French and foreign children about their everyday lives and their cultures.

Boarding in progress…

This Journey gives the occasion to engage classes from all over the world in a dialogue : an opportunity for the children to understand what bind and differentiate from each other. Thanks to a question and answer game, pupils discover their own cultural heritage and enhance their vision of cultural diversity in which each has its role.

Every year, more than a 100 French classes take part to Pelico’s Journey. One can find them all over the French territory, metropolitan and extra-metropolitan. Teachers are the one who decide to subscribe to Pelico’s Journey, according to their pedagogical needs. In average, 60% of the classes are from rural area every year, which reveals the needs of those teachers to open their pupils up to the world.

But all are not looking for the same thing: thus, the classes involved belong to different geographical (20% of peripheral area) and educative (classes for freshly arrived migrants, classes for pupils with physical or mental handicaps, multilevel classes…) contexts.

The ongoing assessment is a methodological rule that leads all the Par Le Monde‘s actions . We lean on qualitative feedbacks from the teachers, pupils and their families, but also on digital data produced by the classes throughout their cyber-journey.

This data package makes possible the ongoing improvement of our program and new actions to tackle the challenges revealed by our impact assessment.

Here is a graphical summary of our last impact assessment, available in an integral version on request.

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